Alcibiades Tarkanian

Captain Alcibiades Tarkanian, Age 46


4 Ship Shares
TAS Membership


  • Ornate boarding sword from the Civil War, originally awarded to Sven Hollings of the Scylla (Cr1750)

Strength: 7
Dexterity: 7
Endurance: 7
Intellect: 11
Education: 12
Social: 13

Admin: 1
Astrogation: 1
Athletics: 0
Diplomat: 0
Drive (Wheel): 1
Engineer (J Drive): 1
Gun Combat: 0
Gunner (Turret): 1
Language: 0
Leadership: 2
Mechanic: 2
Medic: 0
Melee (Blade): 1
Pilot (Spacecraft): 1
Science: 0
Stealth: 1
Survival: 0
Tactics (Naval): 1
Vacc Suit: 0

Term 1 (18): Naval Academy

  • Athletics, Gun Combat, Gunner, Mechanic, Pilot, Vacc Suit
  • Fail to Graduate

Term 2 (22): Navy

  • Enlist in the regular Navy as an Engineer/Gunner
  • Gain rank of Ensign
  • Melee (Blade): 1, Drive (Wheel): 1
  • Sent on a diplomatic mission where I meet Ariel, who was serving as a guard
  • Stealth: 1
  • On the diplomatic mission acquire a contact named Bak Sinjin, a Corp agent for Takura Lines, from the Spinward planet Regina
  • Rise to rank of Sub Lieutenant
  • Leadership: 1, EDU +1

Term 3 (26): Navy

  • Gunner (Turret): 1, Mechanic: 1
  • Gain rank of Lieutenant
  • INT +1

Term 4 (30): Navy

  • Engineer (J Drive): 1, Mechanic: 2
  • Life Event: New relationship, married Vivien, who is now an ally
  • Gain rank of Commander
  • Tactics (Naval): 1

Term 5 (34): Navy

  • Leadership: 2
  • Event: Join gambling circle
  • Gambler: 1
  • Gain rank of Captain, SOC 10 and a Knight
  • INT +1, +1 Benefit rolls

Term 6 (38): Navy

  • At urging of Vivien, use influence to keep her second cousin Avaro out of prison
  • Admin: 1, Pilot: 1
  • Lead a fleet to victory in battle at the Ghost Nebula after rallying ships when Admiral Jennings fell apart.
  • Marriage is disintegrating. Out of spite Vivien helps Admiral Jennings get revenge by forcing me out of the Navy.
  • Mustering out: 14 Ship Shares, TAS Membership, SOC +2
  • Now a Baron

Term 7 (42): Noble

  • Rank of Assistant Administrator
  • Diplomat: 0
  • Life Event: Marriage finally ends and Vivien becomes my enemy. Dirty whore deserves Hyper Syphillus.
  • SOC +1

Term 8 (46): Noble

  • Fail to survive term
  • STR -1, DEX -1, END -1
  • Father is Marquis and handles the duties of ruler
  • Enjoy the rank of Knight and some renown as a war hero

Used 10 ship shares on Avaro’s ship.

  • Triple turret (Mcr 1)
  • 3 pulse lasers (MCr3)
  • Fire control (MCr 2)
  • Investment (MCr 4)

Reserve old Navy sword for Cr 500 at Johann’s Black Powder. Sword is very ornate and was awarded to Captain Sven Hollings. Sold to Johann by his descendant Madame Willets. Purchase the logbook of the Scylla, which was Captain Hollings’ ship. Unable to find useful information, except that the log was written during the Civil War about 240 years ago in 871.

Although Hollings was stationed at the local Navy base, they have no record of his service; their records only go back 170 years. Also spoke to Madame Willets, who told me the sword was found behind a wall in the cellar of her house.

Will continue to pursue information about this forgotten hero. Perhaps Jered can read the log.

Will meet with Jym Mattis, Director of the Aramis Museum, ostensibly about my boarding sword, but actually about Gvadri’s broach.

Spoke to owner of burned out pawn shop: Gindry.

Character Notes

Captain Tarkanian does not expect to exchange in hand-to-hand combat. His later years in the Navy were in command; it has been a long time since he repelled boarders. He developed tactics and issued orders. Now that he is a civilian, Alcibiades still expects communication to be the foundation of his success. He no longer has a chain of command, and so has no subordinates. But he believes his service has earned him respect.

Alcibiades Tarkanian

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